Is it just me, or did Boise State’s Byron Hout kind of deserve that punch he received from Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount?  After all, he did sort of ask for it.  He should actually thank Blount for teaching him a valuable lesson–when provoking a well-armored foe, leave your helmet on.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a believer in violence.  However, considering the incident occurred at the end of hard-fought, emotional football game, what is one to expect?  It’s not like football players are taught to walk away from a challenge.  We always hear coaches, prognosticators, and athletes using the analogy of war to describe sports contests (which I think is absurd by the way).  War.  Not gentlemanly duelTrenches, battles, warriors, etc.  Blount didn’t even get to leave the battlefield and become a non-combatant.

I’m not even convinced that Blount meant his punch to be ungentlemanly.  It seems that intervention was at fault.  Hout turned his head when his coach tried to prevent him from further provoking Blount.  Otherwise, the punch probably would have landed fair and square on Hout’s nose.  After all, did Hout really think that he wasn’t going to get something in return for his act of sportsmanship?

Now, Blount’s college (and quite possibly NFL) football career is over.  Would it have been different if it were the other way around?  Say Blount instigated the whole thing; would Hout get the pine for the rest of the season for reacting as Blount did?  I’m not so sure….

For whatever reason, it seems that LeGarrette Blount was painted as a bad guy from the start.  Because I don’t know him, I can’t say for sure that he is or isn’t.  I guess Christians would say that he was supposed to turn the other cheek.  Heck, even I tell my kids to ignore those who try to provoke and instigate trouble all the time.  I’ll be optimistic and believe that Blount’s parents did the same.  If he’s anything like my children, he’s a good kid who fails from time to time.

What are we to expect?  We teach our children things like turn the other cheek, then turn around and support carpet bombing countries that stand in the way of living our lives.  Hypocritical?  Methinks so.  I got a better mantra: Treat others as you want to be treated.

All I know is this is an unfortunate situation, and everyone should learn from it.  Provocation and retaliation are rarely useful.  We should have learned that from W’s reign in the White House.  He got away with it for a long time.  Unfortunately for LeGarrette Blount, he never will…