I just found out that I’m getting a Nook for Christmas!  Isn’t that cool?  I have been waiting a long time to get an eBook reader and the time has finally come.  I know, I know.  The Nook is in its first incarnation, and I’ll be an early adopter.  I just couldn’t pass this up.  I liked the Kindle 2 and almost bought one, but I didn’t like that the memory is not expandable and that the battery can’t be replaced by me.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Nook is Barnes and Noble’s eBook reader that was just announced in October.  The first slew of shipments have just began reaching homes and businesses today.  So far, the reviews have been mixed.  Reviewers find the device very slick and cool looking; however, there are some questions about performance.  Many are squarely putting the blame for lagging response on Android’s shoulder.  Android of course, is Google’s custom Linux spin that is being deployed on many new hand-held devices.  So far, I’m not going to cancel my order though.  I’m banking that the Android developers and the B&N Nook team will work out the kinks and improve performance well before the Nook reaches obsolescence (I’m hoping that they figure some of it out before I receive mine in January).

The deal sealer for me was that the Nook had expandable memory, native pdf and ePub support, and an Mp3 player.  Not to mention that Barnes and Noble claims that the Nook will have access to over 500,000 free public domain books for download via Google Books.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find some interesting reading in that library!

My only major concern is if the Nook will sync with my PCs; after all, I run Ubuntu exclusively, and have already noticed that B&N doesn’t have an eReader download for Linux (only for forbidden fruits and glass panes).  But they are using Android, so hopefully that indicates some future development for the Linux platform.  Hopefully, if the Nook can’t connect seamlessly with my machines, I’ll be able to move my documents to an SD card and access them using the Nook pdf reader.

I love Amazon and appreciate that they set the bar pretty high for eBook readers.  I just hope the Nook takes it up a notch or two.  I’ll follow up with a full review when I receive my Nook(ie).